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Inquisitive and creative person interested in a wide variety of subjects and activities, I like to test myself , delve into new things and feed my sometimes overwhealming curiosity . I have been known to chase the plumber around in order to find out more about how they do their job and what kind of stuff they pull out of the pipes (not pretty). I enjoy making people laugh and have been told that I have a very easy going nature, which is likely to be linked to the fact that I have traveled extensively and lived on three continents - so far. It helps to create an acceptance of others and their differences, which I'd like to think I have.

I have a great passion for photography. It can be a magical way of capturing moments and revealing personalities and emotions. It can also bring overwhelming pleasure by relying on simple visual beauty. No words needed.
I am sure we can all agree that a beautiful image of ourselves or a loved one brings us a surge of happiness. Not only that, but fills us with a new appreciation of the person we are and the life we live.

Who would not enjoy doing that on a daily basis? I know I do.